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3rd August 2004


Because of certain....ahem....difficulties, this community is being moved to another place. Same name, one less _. 00mg___shes13 is where it is. Go there to join! I'm the mod. And all the LYKE OMFG JO JO LURVERZ!!!....you are MOST welcome to come and give your shitty opinions! We will just laugh and make fun of you! So go right on ahead!!! Give us a good laugh!!!!


licia_hates_you4:39pm: Yes, I'm _forgiveness. My ex decided to be cool and hack me, I'm here now, and ready to hate Jojo.

Ps. You jojo fans are just brainwashed media fools the should die a horrible death.
Current Mood: content

24th July 2004

writish3031:48am: Ah...anti-JoJo...

Okay THANK YOU for this community!!! I was definately searching for an anti-jojo community. Well hopefully we can gather a crowd. I know TONS of people at antiemmaw  and emma_sucks that would be absolutely THRILLED to join this community.

Screw the stupid jojo fans who feel the need to bash us. Get over yourselves. Read my letters....W-E......D-O-N-T.....C-A-R-E....

Hopefully that's clear enough for you.

So let's get to the jojo bashing!!!! :-D


<333 Jilly

Current Mood: amused

28th June 2004

jeff_michael2:53am: Jojo has talent like I have a vagina on my shoulder blade.
Current Mood: cranky

27th June 2004

_forgiveness8:04pm: :D I'm cool.
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